Pitch Review: Jukedeck

Jukedeck is a platform that creates, through artificial intelligence, unique music/ soundtracks so you can use on your own videos. They won The startup Battlefield on TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015.

Jukedeck (8.2):



What I like the most?

  • Wow factor. Awesome demo, including rap in the end
  • Storytelling using real life examples, with seamless transition to the solution (demo)
  • Clean slides


What I like the least?

  • They could have added more substance to the pitch, especially the bio and structure of the team
  • 2 presenters: always hard to pull out. Though it was not an issue in their presentation, it impacts a bit on the pace/ flow
  •  Q&A: lacked some preparation and objectiveness. They hesitated on some questions, showing they hadn’t anticipated them.


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Pitch Review: Pagecloud

What a better way to improve your pitch than establishing benchmarks? With that in mind, we’ll start to post review of some pitches (send yours below), with our scorecard and notes on best/ worst points.

Pagecloud (8.3)

pitchreview pagecloud

What I like the most?

Perfect example of what a Demo should look like. Notice that he takes the problem his target customer has (need to make quick adjustments to a page, without a tech guy) and reproduces the experience this typical user could have. Flawless!


What I like the least?

Poor content. Though there’s a lot to be said with the demo, I feel like many of crucial aspects (team, market, differentials…) were left aside.


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