We share all our content and tips online, but we know that sometimes a more customized approach is necessary. We can help you in 2 ways:

1) Pitch Workshop + Laboratory

we have been helping accelerators, universities and other institutions that need to prepare a batch of startups to a Demo Day, or just to make sure they can present their ideas better.

On those case, we define custom programs, depending on the level of maturity of the startup pitches, time and budget available, and overall focus of the training.

Having said that, usually our programs contain a workshop and a laboratory:

  • Workshop: we go through the “theory” behind pitches, the suggested index, preparation tips etc. Most of times we ask participants to send us a recorded pitch beforehand.
  • Laboratory: after the workshop, startups usually need to make an “extreme makeover” on their pitches. On the lab we make a simulated Demo Day, so to check their presentations the closest way they will face it. We record everything and spend almost one hour revising their pitch.

This model also works for non-startups; companies that want to implement a pitch-like presentation to their internal teams.


2) Consulting

This is a one-on-one revision of your pitch. We define the agenda based on your needs, but usually it will start with your pitch.

We charge an hourly fee (minimum 1 hour), and sessions can be presencial or through hangout/ Skype.

We won’t make the presentation for you, as we want you to learn how to do it yourself. We see this a mission critical competence for entrepreneurs.


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